Ongoing research projects and manuscripts

1) New project (starting 2018): The divided people: polarization of political attitudes in Europe

SNSF Ambizione Project, No PZ00P1\_174067, 2018 — 2022.

2) Party competition, representation and the economy

(SNSF-Project “Crisis of democracy? Party politics and representation in times of austerity“, with Silja Häusermann, 2014-2017)

How economic crises affect political representation: declining party-voter congruence in times of constrained government (with Silja Häusermann and Nathalie Giger). forthcoming, West European Politics

Errors have been made, others will be blamed: blame avoidance and blame-shifting in Prime Minister speeches during the economic crisis in Europe (with Martijn Schoonvelde and Gijs Schumacher). Manuscript, under review.

Polarization or convergence? How the economy shapes party policy positions Manuscript. Presented at 2017 APSA Annual Meeting, San Francisco.

3) The dynamics of welfare state reforms: preferences and responsiveness

(SNSF-Project “Hard choices. Preferences, trade-offs and reform opportunities in multidimensional welfare politics“, with Silja Häusermann (PI), Thomas Kurer and Michael Pinggera, Collaborator, Operative Leader 1st wave of survey, 2015-)

The Politics of Trade-offs: Studying the Dynamics of Welfare State Reform with Conjoint Experiments (with Silja Häusermann and Thomas Kurer). Manuscript, under review.

Unequal representation in Swiss pension politics (with Michael Pinggera, Silja Häusermann, Thomas Kurer and Linards Udris). To be presented at the Annual Congress of the Swiss Political Science Association, 5-6 February 2018, Geneva.

Voting against the party? Incongruence between party positions and citizens’ preferences in direct democracy (with Céline Colombo, Michael Pinggera, Silja Häusermann and Thomas Kurer). To be presented at the MPSA Annual Conference, 5-8 April 2018, Chicago.

4) Other work in progress

“Clutter”: How much information do party manifestos contain? (with Daniel Bischof). Presented at the Manifesto Project Corpus Conference, 1-2 February 2018, Berlin.

What rich and poor consider important and how this matters for representation (with Nathalie Giger). Presented at the Annual Congress of the Swiss Political Science Association, 5-6 February 2018, Geneva.


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